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To deliver high quality products, superior customer service, and to stay abreast of industry trends that will assure we can meet the collective and individualized needs of our customers.


Our goal at SelfRep is to be a long-term, trusted supplier of choice for DFW businesses.


Company and Industry


SelfRep is located in Dallas, Texas. Founded in 1988,  It is a small business that supplies cleaning, petroleum, paper, and other products that businesses need to manage the day to day operations but are not the central focus of the business. Business have to maintain physical plants and employee health, safety, hygiene services as a mode of operation. SelfRep is supplies these products through realtionships with manufacturing markets and other sources.

Company Ownership


SelfRep is a family company that was formally organized in Texas. Willard Johnson is the principal owner.


SelfRep is a sole proprietorship. The owner assumes management and sales functions.



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P.O. Box 397871

Dallas, TX 75339

Complete  line of industrial, institutional, and speciality chemicals

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